California Residential Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment Abuse Injury

The prevalence of alcohol and substance use is a massive problem.  Tragically, people struggling with alcohol and substance use are six times more likely to attempt suicide.  Overcoming alcohol and substance use is a constantly challenging effort which requires friend and family support, professional guidance and treatment in residential treatment facilities.

Frequently, when people struggling with drug and/or alcohol use are desperate for help, they turn to residential treatment facilities for help.  Unfortunately, some of these facilities promote themselves as providing expensive top-of-the-line care, including 24/7 physical and emotional support, detoxification services, access to qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors, and strict rules to prevent outside negative influences.  However, despite the promises, their deeds do not match their words.  When these facilities fail in their obligations, the consequences can be devastating, including relapsing, deteriorating health conditions, untreated withdrawal symptoms, severe emotional and physical distress, sexual abuse, assaults by other residents, and self-destructive behavior including suicide.

The rules, regulations, and standards of care requirements under which these facilities function require informed and experienced representative guidance to understand.  Allen Saltzman, LLP is here to provide that guidance.